Michigan Jobs & Energy

Michigan Jobs and Energy Coalition Response to Gov. Snyder's State of the State Address

The following statement can be attributed to MJEC Senior Policy Director Steve Transeth:
“The governor’s message on energy is vitally important to anyone who lives or works in Michigan. Faced with the near-term challenge of providing a suitable supply of electricity to households and businesses, the state must find an affordable, equitable and sustainable way to replace soon-to-be-extinct coal plants.

“This will require pragmatic decision-making in regard to the right mix of resources – energy efficiency, renewable energy and additional facilities – while at the same time keeping in mind the importance of addressing expected capacity shortfalls.

“The governor’s decision to create the Michigan Energy Agency reflects a long-term decision toward the development of a comprehensive energy policy that puts a premium on affordable, clean and reliable energy for the families and businesses of our state – for generations to come.”

Michigan Jobs & Energy Coalition